Part I: A Life Turned Upside-Down

1. I Love Paris in the Summer

Our dream trip to Europe could not have been a bigger disaster

2. Flashbacks to the Origins of Self-Condemnation

The solution begins with a courageous—and daunting—look to the past

Part II: Self-Forgiveness 101, a Quick Immersion Course

3. The Tsunami of Self-Blame and Shame

How self-condemnation can destroy your life

4. First Steps Up the Mountain

Peering through the fog, I felt God’s presence

5. The Life-Changing Benefits of Self-Forgiveness

Taking an unsparing look at your life is never easy

6. Why It Is So Difficult to Forgive Yourself

You know yourself better than anyone else—and that’s part of the struggle

Part III: Step 1—Receive God’s Forgiveness

7. Go to God for Understanding

The task at hand is too big to handle alone

8. Go to God with Regret, Remorse, and Repentance

The essential partnership between you and the Lord

Part IV: Step 2—Repair Relationships

9. Take Responsibility

You are not the model citizen you’d like to be

10. Relationship Repair: The Art of Confession

Admitting you’re in the wrong goes far in turning things around

11. Make Amends Through Responsible Compassion

Thinking of others can help you make things right

Part V: Step 3—Rethink Ruminations

12. Struggles with God

Sometimes we feel it’s necessary to wrestle with the Almighty

13. How to Adjust Perfectionistic Standards and Unrealistic Expectations

Getting real about yourself moves the process forward

14. Run Rumination Out of Town

Decide now that you will tell yourself no more lies

Part VI: Step 4—REACH Emotional Self-Forgiveness

15. Standing the Test

Your hard-won gains will face major challenges

16. Take Five Steps to REACH Emotional Self-Forgiveness

What it takes to move forward from saying it to feeling it

Part VII: Step 5—Rebuild Self-Acceptance

17. How to Connect with God for Self-Acceptance

Live in the truth that you are deeply flawed and also valuable beyond belief

18. How Emotional Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance Make the Difference

A quick look at the life change that results

Part VIII: Step 6—Resolve to Live Virtuously

19. Live Virtuously, But Give Yourself Room to Fail

How your own self-forgiveness can benefit those around you

Part IX: In Closing

20. Life-Changing Lessons About Forgiving Yourself

The practical benefits of making things right

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